Exmoor U3A

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The idea for a University of the third Age (I'Universite de la Troisieme Age) originated in France in 1972, followed by the creation of the 'Association Internationale des Universités du Troisième Age (AIUTA) The word 'University' is used in its original sense of people coming together to share and pursue learning in all its forms. The idea spread throughout the world.

In Britain the first U3As - were formed in 1982, under the aegis of the Third Age Trust, which, became an associate member of AIUTA.  Each U3A is a self-help organisation open to people who are no longer in full time employment and which offers leisure, creativeand educational opportunities within a friendly environment.
The Exmoor U3A is centred in the historic town of Dulverton, Somerset and draws its membership from the surrounding areas.  

The organisation has three objectives, there is learning and its counterpart teaching but ahead of these two is enjoyment.  The separate subject groups oerate autonomously and are run and attended by U3A members with a common interest.  

These have no extra fees and are limited only by the capacity of the chosen venue.
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